Summary of Mangrove Service Network (MSN)

1 Date of Establishment 21st December, 2001.
2 Type of Organization Member Owned, Non Profit, Registered NGO
NGO Registered No – 1954 (14th March, 2011)
3 Area of Development
(ie. environment, poverty reduction,
research, advocacy, disaster risk reduction, etc.)
- Community based environmental conservation
- Provision of vocational trainings and supply input for marginal farmer, small fisher and landless families in rural area.
- Technical supervision in academic studies.
- Research trial in mangrove rehabilitation.
- Field surveys for forestry, fishery, village socio-economic and gender participation in development activities.
4 Organization’s Vision, Mission To promote capacity of rural communities in Myanmar
in the field of environmental conservation and production
in livelihood supplies through provision of training courses and
delivery of supply inputs.
5 Organizational Management Structure Advisers (3), Chairman (1), Vice Chairman (1), Secretary (2),
Governing Board Member (5), Total Member (83)
6 Total number of staff: (56) Project Staffs covering 3 existing projects.
(4) Head Office Staffs, (2) Part-time / Volunteers
7 Donors and working partners (last 5 years) 1. Mangrove Action Project (MAP)- South East Asia
Regional Office. Thailand. 2. Global Green Grant (GGF).
3. DKH (Germany).
4. FAO Myanmar Office.
5. JICA Myanmar Office.
6. UNOPS / UNDP projects.
7. Metta Development Foundation.
8. Force of Nature Foundation (FON) Malaysia.
9. Malteser
10. GRET
11. Mercy Corps.
12. Livelihood Trust Fund (LIFT)
13. European Commission.
8 Network Participation 1. Mangrove Action Project (MAP)- South East Asia.
2. Food Security Working Group (FSWG) – Yangon.
3. Myanmar Environment Rehabilitation – Conservation Network (MERN) - Yangon.
4. Myanmar NGO Network (MNN) - Yangon.
5. Bogale Agriculture Technical Working Group (BATWG) – Bogale.