Small-scale Commercial Woodlot plantations

MSN conducted the small scale commercial woodlot plantation plots for trail and demonstration purpose at Moe Thauk Pan Nursery facility. Small Scale Commercial Woodlot Plantations

  1. Moe Thauk Pan Nursery, Paine Chaung Village, Mawlamying Gyun Township.
    Plot No 1.
    Planted species:
    Kalan 270 trees
    Pinle Kabwi 270 trees
    Spacing: 3’ x 3’ feet
    Date of Plantation: 20.5.2012

    Plot No 2.
    Planted species:
    Date of Plantation:
  2. Aus Aid financial supported Commercial Woodlot Plantation sites at the village level.
  3. MSN/LIFT project supported Commercial Woodlot Plantation Sites at the village level.